Poker Casino Ambassador (VIP-Club) Prague experience report

Poker Casino Ambassador (VIP-Club) Prague experience report

Poker Casino Ambassador (VIP-Club) Prague experience report

Poker, Casino AmbassadorDuring the German casino abating the poker shaft slowly, counts Poker in Czech Republic casinos to the main casino. In the Prague game-banks you will be spoilt for choice, if you want to play a game of Poker. For Cash Games, the friends, the Casino Ambassador is certainly one of the best addresses in the centre of the city. I visited the casino on a Thursday in September and have not regretted my visit. All the information about the Casino-Ambassador (VIP-Club) Prague, there are here. In addition, we have the Casino in Prague, and a experience reportvisited written.

Played at four tables in the great hall of the casino in Prague, and at a table in the VIP area. The shares are already starting 10/20 Czech crowns, the equivalent of 25/50 cents. So beginners can get a taste. Since the maximum bet of 250 Big Blinds limited. Of 25 Big Blinds, you can take a seat at the tables. Further limits 25/50 crowns and 50/100 crowns at the Texas Hold ‘ em No Limit. It is offered on demand, Omaha Pot Limit. Here is played with Blinds starting at 25/25 crowns. During my visit, no table, however, was on the run. The dealer told me that less common forms of play such as Razz, Stud can be played in the interest of the customer. The Rake at all tables, at five per cent, a Pot of 500 crowns. Can be played exclusively in Czech crowns. The Euro and the US Dollar exchanged for a good price at the Casino cashier. Of course a payment by credit card is possible.

Cash Game Casino Ambassador in Prague

Cash Game Casino Ambassador in PragueAlready 18 on all four blackjack hilarious. After a good two hours, a space has become free. First of all, I Stacks my opponent. To my Surprise there were three players with more than 20000 SEK, with a maximum bet of 5000 crowns on this table. The audience is international and the official language at the table is English or Czech, this is taken very seriously. You could tell who the regulars are, you knew the name of the dealer. I thought I was at the beginning of the event and, most importantly, my team-mates were examined. Had to find that there are mainly two types of games. The Low-Stack players, with only 500 crowns, which went in each Pair and ACE king, ACE Jack All-In and player the for the stricter variant. In contrast to a Poker tournament, here is set, the course is almost always down to the river. Only if someone with a big ass. I also had players at the table, which could eternally for their decisions. More than 10 – 15 hands per hour have hardly been played. I had really been waiting for, for a long time, until I have a very strong Hand, and then also got the kings. Before me there was already a Raise and a Call. Now arrived I thought I knew a player had only 1000 crowns behind it, and is clean, others make a Big batch. On the other hand, I don’t want to see, three of the Flop, but wanted to know if an ACE flops. Now, I have 3 – 4 was determined. In the end I opted for a massive Overbet of 600 crowns into a Pot of 240 crowns. As suspected called me the small stack and the Big Stack All-In. Has annoyed me, because I see the Flop relatively cheap. Well, but I pushed a little back, ready for my 4800 crowns in the middle. Flop is equal to an ACE. I thought it was over. In contrast to a poker tournament, Cash Game no Showdown. So the players show their cards first on the river, starting with the attacker. In my case, this was the Big Stack. After the River card, he a pair of Queens. The other player has discarded. I show the kings, and I have a Stack of 10000 crowns in front of me. It was worth the Wait. The later it is, the more burden, the guests came to the table. Many are not more well-liked, with only 500 crowns, and it is a dynamic, for me. There were now almost in each round, All-In. Also I lost had called a couple of Times, and Ruck Zuck 2000 crowns. It was also because of my increase in alcohol level. For non-alcoholic drinks, beer and house wine is available to players for free. I was then move to the 25/50 crowns the table, here it was much quieter. My 5000 crowns I have connected and with the Rest of played. At this table I was able to order Cocktails for free – Poker was next to the thing – after a couple of Cuba Libre, was playful in my Stack. For some players a very fun time spent.

conclusion Poker Casino Ambassador in Prague

I must say that I had, except for the Home Games, never had so much fun in the Casino. The level at the tables is mixed. You will quickly realize some are here to earn money, what 25/50 crowns and crowns with the 10/20. Especially after 23 o’clock, when many of the guests already have a couple of Drinks and enjoyed us, this is possible. I can recommend each and every poker friend a visit in the Casino Ambassador in Prague warm.

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